Saturday, June 13, 2009

Award and Tag from Hani

This Award was given by Hani..Thank you so much...

I have been tagged on..
5 things about cooking I like the most. What inspires me to cook.

1) for me cooking is chalenging
2) I can create my own recipe
3) I am satiesfied when people loves what I cooked
4)Cooking is an art of skill.
5) No cooking no money

I pass this award to...

.my favourite recipes
2.simply me
mommy otai
maklang corner
5.lets dine out

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Japanese udon soup


:- 500ml plain water
:- 1 ladle kikkoman sauce
:- 1 ladle mirin
:- 1 teaspoon hondashi


1:- bring to boil after that simmer about 3 minute.
nice to eat with udon and soba noddles, vegetables

Japanese miso soup


:- 280 gram japanese miso paste
:- 3 teaspoons hon dashi
:- 3 ltr water


1:- bring to boil, after that simmer about 3 minute.
ready to serve with anything you want.

Kicap mixture for mamak mee and char koayteow


:- 1kg kicap pekat( Thick dark soya sauce)
:- 1kg kicap cair( light soya sauce)
:- 1kg oyster sauce
:- 150 gram white sugar
:- 250 gram thai fish sauce
:- 250 gram sesame oil


1:- mixed all the ingredients.
2:- bring to boil, after that simmer about 5 minute
while continue in stirring.

This is preparation for stocking up the goreng2 sauce.For one portion cooking use about 3 teaspoon kicap mixture.

Duck Spring Rolls


:- 150 gram jullience peking duck breast
:- 15 gram jullience spring onions
:- 30 gram jullience carrot (peleed)
:- 100 gram chopped shallots
:- 20 gram chopped garlic
:- oil for sautee
:- pepper
:-1 teaspoon oyster sauce.
:- spring roll skins
:-50 gram smoked dutch cheese (cut into sticks).


1:- Sautee shallot, garlic,carrot, duck,spring onions and seasoning.
2:-make spring roll with smoked dutch cheese and filling in the spring roll skins.

Lamb Dolmasi (stuffed vine leaf)


:- 3 tablespoons rice (coked rice cold)
:- 1 nos diced onion&sauteed
:- 250 gram ground meat(lamb)
:- Lange vine leaf(wash off vinegar)
:- 1 tablespoon ground cumin
:- 2 tablespoons chopped parsley
:- 1 teaspoon chopped dhill
:- 500ml chicken stock/plain water


1:- Knead the ground meat, rice, onion, cumin, parsley,dhill,
salt and black pepper together.
2:- Spread the vine leaf over a board add a small amount of filling
on each one and fold, from both right and left, roll like a cigiarette
3:- Add 1 or 2 layers of vine leaf on top, and put enough chicken stock
to cover with a plate.
4:- close the lid of the pan and cook on moderate heat.
after cooking, put in a serving dish and serve.
while still hot, if desired, serve with plain dill yoghurt dressing.